PSA: Islam Is a Mental Illness

There are over 1.7 billion people afflicted by a chronic and severe mental disorder. Unfortunately, it’s not listed in the DSM 5 and providing treatment for it has become increasingly difficult. The symptoms vary with this disease but are consistent with an increasing percentage of the undiagnosed. They include but are not limited to: anti-social behavior, a strong proclivity for violence and genocidal tendencies. The disorder is commonly misdiagnosed as “radical” Islam. In actuality, it is fundamentalist Islam and those afflicted by it are Muslims.

It was quite sickening to witness the most recent act of Islamic insanity exploited by scumbags for nefarious, immoral and fraudulent reasons.

The usual culprits – frauds and demagogues!

Without fail, the establishment media initially framed this as a terrorist attack against the LGBT “community” by a heterosexual Muslim “homophobe.” Contrary to the false narrative that these degenerates initially attempted to portray, the mass-murderer was, in fact, a homosexual.

Working hand in glove with the establishment media, Donald Chump, an opportunist and a fraud, delivered a speech in support of homosexuals and the homosexual agenda advancing the false narrative. Only a demagogue would use a national tragedy to gain potential votes and support from the LGBT “community.”

The facts bear out that it was not a “hate crime.” (A truly redundant phrase as most murders committed are motivated by hatred.) Not in the sense of a heterosexual targeting homosexuals because of their sexual orientation. The murderer was a mentally disturbed scumbag conflicted by a strange dichotomy of being a devout Muslim and a homosexual.

And of course, not surprisingly, the Democrats have seized upon this horrendous crime to enact stricter gun laws and gun control.

Proper Treatment of the Illness

In order to treat Islam, you must first properly diagnose it. Only the willfully ignorant and complete frauds like Donald Chump will insist that it’s “radical Islam.” The use of that erroneous term allows Islam to continue to survive and thrive.

We cannot keep playing this idiotic game of trying to differentiate between “radical” Islam and normative Islam. The illness is Islam. Period. And once the poison of Islam – specifically the Qur’an and Hadith – is exposed to sane individuals, the prognosis for humanity will be positive.

Copyright © June 17, 2016.

Further recommended reading: Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn, Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam by I.Q. Al Rassooli and Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

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