ISIS is not the problem – your apathy is!

Americans are in dire need of a national couch.

I watched the GOP debate that aired Thursday night and I literally cringed as I witnessed these political hacks offer up empty, meaningless rhetoric and propose demagogic “solutions” to deal with a problem that they refuse to even properly acknowledge.

Sadly, we live in a generation where the vast majority of American citizens are either uninformed or misinformed. That’s why it’s easy for shallow demagogues to appeal to conservative voters by claiming that they will utterly destroy ISIS. If they actually succeeded in destroying ISIS, within a week another Islamic terrorist group would emerge.

We’re only dealing with the symptoms of the problem!

ISIS is merely a symptom of the problem. Terrorism is a byproduct of the problem. The problem is not “radical”* Islam. The problem is Islam itself.

It is as if I went to my doctor because of a sinus infection and my doctor prescribed ibuprofen to treat a headache, which is merely a byproduct of the infection, instead of prescribing an antibiotic to treat the infection.

I’m concerned that America will be destroyed because of our inability to correctly diagnose the problem. The establishment media, politicians, Islamic apologists and other assorted scum have perpetrated a fraud by claiming that it’s only “radical Islamists” that threaten our survival and that these “radicals” have hijacked an otherwise “peaceful” religion.

There is a dire need for people with the courage and the fortitude to come forth and combat this vomit inducing propaganda with the truth.

The truth is that Islam is rotten to the core. It was conceived by a madman who arguably was the most vile human being to have ever lived. The “prophet” Muhammad, may piss be upon him, was a terrorist, a mass murderer, a racist, an anti-Semite, a serial rapist and a pedophile. This is not hyperbole. The Qur’an and various Hadith collections confirm this.

The truth is that these “radical” Muslims are actually following in the footsteps of their “prophet” and are actually fundamentalists. Islam, as an ideology, must be eradicated. It must be ripped from the hearts and minds of its adherents. The Qur’an is nothing more than a blueprint for mass genocide. The Hadith collections only expound upon the genocidal insanity of the barely coherent Qur’an.

Islam exists for one world government under Sharia law and therefore it is treasonous to the United States from a Constitutional standpoint. (We the people don’t hold our elected officials accountable to uphold the Constitution. They uphold the U.N. Charter and Karl Marx’s Manifesto instead, but I’ll discuss that in another article.)

The Muslim world has openly stated repeatedly that their intended goal is to destroy America, which they refer to as the “great Satan.” Their track record of consistent terrorist attacks proves that they’re not joking. The devout Muslims (whom are aptly called terrorists) have not satiated their lust for the blood of the “infidels.” They will never be satisfied until every non-Muslim is either forcibly converted or murdered.

Fortunately, Islam has a corrosive effect on the mind and it has rendered its most ardent adherents too stupid to actually take over America, but they will, God forbid, succeed in destroying America if we let them. If we do not deal with Islam we will face annihilation at the hands of these desert dwelling savages.

Our apathy will result in our death!

*EDITOR’S NOTE: A rational argument might be made that the word radical is used appropriately. I’m referring to the simple definition of the word that, given the context, is commonly understood as “very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary.”

Copyright © January 30, 2016.

Further recommended reading: Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn, Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam by I.Q. Al Rassooli and Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

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